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Starkel Nutrition Programs grew naturally out of the Starkel Nutrition naturopathic medicine and nutrition clinic. Serving the Seattle, Washington area since 2008, we identified several areas of health in which our patients and clients have consistently wanted our support and guidance. We also realized that not everyone has the ability to have one-on-one nutritional counseling or naturopathic doctor appointments, and we wanted to reach far beyond Seattle to help as many people as we could.

Therefore, we started to create group nutrition programs that would address the top issues we saw in a thorough, compassionate, and effective way, allowing our program participants to achieve their desired results more cost-effectively and within a community.

And what a big difference the community made! Being able to communicate with someone who is experiencing what you are experiencing makes the journey more fun, achievable, and successful.

But, our programs were live, in-person, and in our city of Seattle.

That did not work for our mission, which is to provide health support and education to those who seek it and encourage them to share that knowledge with their communities. Our ultimate mission is a healthier world for all!

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This is When We Started
Starkel Nutrition Programs!

An online, on-demand platform for our nutrition and health programs, where we could bring you all the evidence-informed and compassion-driven information and guidance that we offered our clients in person.

Our first program, the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse, was launched in early 2023. Our online nutrition and health programs are tried and true, science-based and evidence-informed, incredibly thorough, available to everyone in the USA and at an affordable cost.

We are proud of our programs. We truly believe that they will provide you with your desired results, both during and long after the programs themselves! And we are always here at the clinic if you ever wish to see one of us for a video or in-person consultation.

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About Us

Our Nutrition and Natural
Health Experts

Our team includes our founder Julie Starkel, our program coordinator Emmilia Smith, our marketing team, and our incredible program content creators and leaders.

Why We Created Our Nutrition Courses!

Julie’s path toward nutrition started in high school when she was struggling with fatigue, unable to keep up with her busy schedule of school, music, sports, and a social life. She felt she ate well, got enough sleep, and managed her stress well. However, the fatigue limited her so much that it was interfering with her life. She had to lie down during family holidays, away from the festivities. She was unable to go out with friends after a full day at school. She fatigued more quickly than her teammates and felt her physical ability was limiting her sports participation. In desperation, she started to read what she could find to try to address her symptoms. Most information suggested everything she had already tried. Her doctor was unable to give her any additional help as the doctor’s resources were limited when it came to anything other than outright disease.

Then one day while browsing through her grandmother’s magazines, she stumbled across some information about the possibility that certain foods could be the culprit. When she read the list of symptoms caused by some food sensitivities, she felt like she was reading about herself. After some time and a lot of searching, she found a doctor who could do some food sensitivity testing – not an easy person to find in the midwest at the time. She came back positive for dairy, eggs, and a few other foods. She eliminated those foods and started cooking without them yet in a way that was delicious, filling and nutritious. The results were astounding, and for her, life-changing!

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Within a matter of days, she was feeling more energetic and even felt like the fog had lifted from her brain. She was able to work out longer and was performing better in sports, at school, and in her music. She no longer woke up with chronic congestion, and the bags under her eyes, there since childhood, disappeared. Within a few weeks, her skin started to clear up.

What a difference identifying those problematic foods made! Life itself was entirely different!

As she continued working on her health, she found out that she was also low in some basic nutrients, and by adding those in, her energy increased even more.

That was it! The light bulb had been forever illuminated, and the course of her life was set! Right then and there, Julie made it her mission to help anyone seeking improvements in their own health in any way she could. These programs are the result of that mission, and you are the beneficiary of her experience and commitment.

Our Amazing Team

Emmilia Smith Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Emmilia Smith


Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Emmilia’s passion for integrative medicine and whole foods nutrition has evolved throughout her life and career. Like many of her clients, she grew up learning from various outlets that wellness should look and behave a certain way. After learning the transformative impact of integrative functional nutrition through her formal and self-directed education, and witnessing the shame, confusion, and damage that can come from a narrow approach to health through her work with patients, it has become clear to her that the health journey is different for everyone.

Emmilia believes that behavior change is possible but takes commitment, effort, and compassion. For this reason, she is a Certified Mindful Eating Practitioner, loves digging deep into the behavior change side of our program development, and continues to enjoy seeing clients one-on-one in our clinic.

Emmilia is the Program Coordinator and steers the ship of our nutrition program development – from content creation to final production.

Julie Starkel Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Julie Starkel


Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Julie is the founder of Starkel Nutrition, a medical and nutritional counseling clinic with master’s level nutrition specialists in areas including brain health, oncology, diabetes, high cholesterol, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal health, stress and nutrition, and eating disorders, primary care, among other concerns.

Julie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Dietitian (RDN/CD), a member of the American Nutrition Association, Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerators (EOA), and is a former executive board member of the national practice group Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine. She is passionate about health and has a personal mission of sharing health around the world.

Julie helps with nutrition program content development, marketing and overall direction.

Core Values

Our core values are reflected in everything we do, how we practice, how we deliver our programs, how we hire, and most importantly, how we work with our nutrition program participants and clients.

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Starkel Nutrition’s
Core Values Are: