Starkel Nutrition Full Body Detox Cleanse

Detox Your Liver.
Detox Your Life.

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Restore Your Vitality
While Eating Real, Delicious Food with Our Full Body Detox and Cleanse Support

A Detox Cleanse for the Mind and Body

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Our unhealthy diet culture has unfortunately taught us that if you want to detox your body, you’ve got to:

But, if you’re looking into doing a cleanse, you’re probably searching for a significant change in your health and willing to try anything to get there. Maybe you:

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At Starkel Nutrition, we know there is a better way to achieve these results. We know because we know the science and what really works. We created this six week, on-demand, online program called the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse to provide you with all the benefits of a cleanse and the confidence knowing it is based on science, we provide incredible support, and you will feel amazing.

Other cleanses focus on extreme calorie deprivation, which does cause weight loss but doesn’t necessarily address detoxification, nor does it help create sustainable habits. Plus, the weight loss you do achieve is mostly water and muscle – two things you do not want to lose. And many other cleanses lack the education to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle after the cleanse.

Who is our Detox Cleanse For?

Those Looking to Rejuvenate and Detox Their Liver, Mind and Body

Those Looking to Gain Energy, Mental Clarity, and Clearer Skin

Those Looking to Improve Digestion

Those Looking to Learn Sustainable Habits for Living a Healthy Life

If you’re looking to drop 30 pounds in 6 weeks – this cleanse is NOT for you!


If you’re looking to rejuvenate your liver and body systems, and gain energy, mental clarity, clearer skin and improved digestion while learning sustainable habits for living a full and healthy life,


Then this cleanse IS for you!


The Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse addresses your concerns about doing a detox while keeping you healthy, feeling full and teaching you how to sustain the habits. It’s designed for you to eat three delicious meals a day (plus snacks!), all while reducing your toxic intake so your liver can do its job of removing the existing toxins from your body. We care deeply about education, so our goal is to teach you how to cleanse in a healthy way and how to continue to reduce toxins in your life beyond the cleanse.

Our Full Body Detox Cleanse Benefits:

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Experience detoxifying your body in a whole new way with the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse Online Program!

What Are The Benefits of Taking This Detox Cleanse Online Program?

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The Starkel Nutrition Full Body Detox Cleanse Online Program | The Details

The purpose of our detox cleanse is to reduce dietary and environmental toxins from your life for a period of time so that the burden of detoxification, managed mostly by your liver, is eased. Toxins include pollutants from air, water, and food, chemicals in our daily lives like laundry soap, cosmetics, and shampoo, and also things we ingest like plastic residue on food, pesticides, and even certain foods that are toxins like caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.

Focusing on minimizing our toxic intake as much as possible allows the liver to relax a little and focus on other vital functions. Your body can divert less attention and energy toward reducing inflammation, and more toward detoxification, healing, and rejuvenation! Your energy will soar!

You will never be hungry because you’ll be:

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There Are 3 Phases To
The Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse:

Phase One:


This first week is to prepare yourself for the Active Phase. You will prepare your body and mind, organize your supplements, clean and stock your pantry with Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse-approved ingredients, and reduce everyday toxins from your environment.

Phase Two:

3-Week Active Cleanse

Eat three full meals and snacks every day from our recipe list. The Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse is about fueling yourself with balanced, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods. It is not about restriction.

Phase Three:

Reintroduction & Maintenance

Systematically reintroduce previously avoided foods to determine if any are trigger foods for you. We will support you in identifying reactions by following a structured reintroduction plan.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get when you register.

This online program has six videos, each 45 minutes to 1 hour long, all available from your customized program portal. You’ll get access to each week’s video and those will be dripped to you over the six weeks. These videos guide you through your journey so that you can have a more successful cleanse. As a participant, we will mail you (yes, snail mail!) the comprehensive Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse Recipe Book along with the supplements. The Manual is available online for your convenience.

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Bonus videos to help you through the process. Some examples include basic cooking videos, how to make a great smoothie, and nerdy topics around detoxing, and more!

You’ll also have access to a private community inside the program portal where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the experts at Starkel Nutrition and communicate with other participants about their experience taking the cleanse. This is a safe, positive space for learning and sharing.


We Will Ship These To You Within 1 Week After Registration

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Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse

Detox Your Liver.
Detox Your Life.

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And there’s MORE! Sign up for the Detox Cleanse WITH the Data Geek Add-On below to see your results in hard data!

We are excited to offer discounted testing and deep dive 1-on-1 consultations as an add-on to the cleanse. For those who love to know what really is going on with their bodies with hard data, this add-on provides toxicity testing both before and after your cleanse experience, as well as 1-on-1 consultations with our experts to explain your results.

Seeing the data allows you to track how your body reacts to your actions. Even after just a few weeks of change! Of course, you will feel the benefits of the cleanse, but seeing a change in black and white biomarkers can be even more convincing that you are doing well by your body! And 3 weeks of active cleansing is only the beginning! Imagine how they will change with even more time!​

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Our Why

So many programs are based on one author’s own success with their experience. Not the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse! Of course, many people have had success with our program, including me, the owner! In fact, this program is over 10 years old and we have guided hundreds of participants through it. But it is based on far more than one person’s opinion, ideas or success. I created this program to help my clients successfully accomplish a detoxifying cleanse while giving them all the support and tools they need to truly cleanse.

Then I took the program to our team of master’s level nutrition professionals as well as our naturopathic doctor to hone, refine, and improve it. Most importantly, our wonderful participants have contributed feedback to make this not only the most science-backed program out there, but also the most beneficial and achievable to our cleanse participants.

How? We actually measured our participants’ success with tests. We surveyed the before and after symptoms our participants had. We did the program ourselves many times. And we landed on a program, the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse, that delivers scientific information, provides incredibly supportive guidance and lifelong-lasting education, and includes proprietary nutritional supplementation to maximize the effects within a short period of time.

(Do you want to test your own results? Check out our Data Geek Add-on for before and after toxin testing!)

This program is borne out of a deep passion for sharing our scientific knowledge of how detoxification can be so beneficial with as many people as we can. The team of health professionals who have created, improved and poured their hearts into this course want you to succeed. Our company’s core values are embedded into every step of the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse, and our team members know and embody these values in their everyday work.

We are sure you will find this to be a life-changing experience, as have most of our previous and repeating cleanse participants. Please join the many who have felt more vibrant, achieved more cognitive sharpness, reduced aches and pains, headaches, stomach aches, and more, with a science-based, human-proven program that allows you to succeed.

Happy Cleansing ~ Julie Starkel, MS, MBA, RDN

Starkel Nutrition Core Values:

Our company’s core values are embedded into every step of the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse, and our team members embody these values in their everyday work.

Meet Your Co-Facilitators | Emmilia Smith, MS, RDN and Cory Mygrant, MS, RDN, IFNCP

The Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse changes lives. Because we have had such great feedback over the years, we want YOU to also experience the benefits of a better functioning, better feeling body.

A six-week commitment can allow you to jump-start your health, begin on the path of a new nutrition goal, or help prevent inflammation and the environment for an illness to develop. We would be honored to have you join so many others in this health journey towards more energy, less inflammation, and overall better health.

Starkel Nutrition
Detox Cleanse

$599 or

2 Monthly
Payments of


Package Includes:

Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse + Data Geek Add-on

$997 or

3 Monthly
Payments of


Package Includes:


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What People Are Saying About the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse Online Program

Meet Your Co-Facilitators | Emmilia Smith, MS, RDN and Cory Mygrant, MS, RDN, IFNCP

Emmilia Smith


My passion for integrative medicine and whole foods nutrition has evolved throughout my life and career. I honor every person’s needs and personal relationship with food. My goal as a nutritional counselor is to dismantle the belief that a person has to fit a certain mold and empower my clients to believe that they are worthy of nourishing and loving their own unique body.

The Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse holds a special place in my heart. I, myself, was skeptical at first because I had the same misgivings about the word “cleanse,” as many do. After going through the detox cleanse myself, I appreciated the fact that we were eating real food the entire time, and that everyone’s needs were being honored. This is a program for a greater community, meaning that it is flexible to your needs. I love being a co-leader of the cleanse, because it is a program that aligns with my values of evidence-based nutrition care, coupled with the goal of achieving sustainable, “sticky” change, and not just a quick fix.

Cory Mygrant


In the new age of nutrition, the media is full of conflicting and confusing information. I help consumers navigate the confusion by encouraging a whole foods approach and empowering them to take control of their health. I apply evidence-based nutritional science to support the body as a whole, instead of addressing one problem, sign, or symptom. To help heal and optimize health, I promote an individualized integrative approach and will meet you where you are at in your journey.

Navigating the “noise” can be challenging when you are looking for answers on your health journey. Co-leading the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse is where I’ve seen these questions get answered. Witnessing individuals undergo not just a physical transformation, but a mental and emotional one as well, is profoundly inspiring. The ripple effect of this experience extends far beyond the program duration and creates a lasting shift towards a more vibrant and balanced life.

Starkel Nutrition
Detox Cleanse


Package Includes:

Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse + Data Geek Add-on

2 Monthly
Payments of


Package Includes:

Starkel Nutrition Foundations Supplement


Package Includes:

Supplement Bundle for Repeat Cleansers


Package Includes:

An essential part of the Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse, the Supplement Bundle is needed to ensure proper detoxification and elimination of toxic build-up. This is a potent formula that we put special care into creating, keeping in mind quality, potency, efficacy, and bioavailability. To ensure that you are getting the proper quality, we only use the quality-tested nutrients, which guarantees that you are taking safe, effective nutrients and herbs, in their most effective form at the therapeutic dose. This bundle is included in the cost of the cleanse, and provides at least 30 days of each supplement.

- Starkel Nutrition Detox Cleanse Multi + Detox Powder

Created by the masters-level nutritionists at Starkel Nutrition, this formula is developed to support all systems that make up your internal detoxification process with a few teaspoons in your daily smoothie. This product includes: